Meet Unique

Unique definitely lives up to her name. She's spunky, creative, hilarious and never without a smile on her face. Unique lives with her mom and older brother, Chance, who is also enrolled at Fortress.

Unique is incredibly bright and has consistently been an A/B Honor Roll student at her school. Her favorite subject in school is science, where she gets to learn how plants grow. At Fortress, she loves learning about the Bible. She especially loved the story of David and Goliath from this summer!

At Fortress, Unique enjoys doing arts and crafts. Her favorite craft was when she made a cross necklace during the summer. She also likes praise and worship time, where she gets to scream and shout to her favorite song, "Gimme a J!"

At home, Unique likes to watch Spongebob and iCarly or listen to jazz hip-hop music. She also loves to get lost in her art, and likes to draw and make designs with her name. Unique dreams of being a famous artist someday, and has produced many beautiful pieces which can be seen hanging around her classroom at Fortress.