Lord, I l Lift Your Name On High

Two terrific days of experiences and delights have passed. Two more to come!

It is our third day with the unique children here at Fortress. Because it is the third day, the volunteers, children and staff are all a little worn out. Of course it only took a few minutes to get our day rolling.

To open our day Little Rock Church kicked off the worship time. Christian and Katie added a new flare to the song worship with beautiful guitar playing. Three new songs were introduced and all ages joined in fast uplifting praises to our Lord. The music crew also found a song that was the memory verse that the kids have been memorizing all summer, 1 Timothy 4:12. It was a big hit! After singing we performed a skit to help with the lesson from the previous day. It was about having faith in God and giving him complete control of our lives.

Rotations started quickly after the morning lesson. We worked with shapes, writing and reading. Then we moved onto a game called "Statue" and had relays. Lots of laughs and energy circulated throughout the room. Shield sculpting followed. We decorated our shields with pictures and words of encouragement. Bright colors and bright personalities shined in their art work.

After lunch it was the time we had been waiting for...water balloon fights! It was a perfect activity for such a hot week! It was the best note to end the day on!

- Emily, blogger from Little Rock Church
- Photo credit to Skip Bryan