Great Success

Thus far, my youth group's mission trip has been a great success! The kids are all having a good time here at Fortress, all while learning math, reading and writing. On Monday, I had a blast with the children singing songs and doing crafts. During Urban Experience I was able to have the opportunity to go shopping on a budjet of $17 for 17 people. We were able to make a great meal, even without using all $17. On Tuesday, the children went to their chosen S.I.C.K (special interest clubs for kids) classes. I followed my child, JaVuntae, to basketball. Unfortunately, it was far too hot to play basketball. So he went to cooking club instead. He wasn't disappointed when he learned they were going to make fruit pizzas. He had tons of fun and enjoyed making and eating his own pizza. After the children left, I went with my group to feed and socialize with the local homeless people. It was really cool and I met some really interesting people with great stories. I'm very excited for the next few days of being at Fortress with the kids.

- Zach, blogger from University Church of Christ

- Youth group members Austin, Zach, and Austin with JaVuntae and Klarence