Enjoying the Little Things In Life

Well today was amazing! My eyes were opened to how these kids love everything they get. Since today was hectic, I will start from the beginning.

I was sitting at the table and it seemed like forever for the kids to arrive. Kid after kid came in and none of them were my buddies, and then Semierria came in. I could tell from then on today was going to be exciting. After we met we went to math class. Semierria was always getting off track and then my other buddy Kaliya came in. Math was hilarious with everybody cracking jokes. Next was writing class. I had to help Kaliya on her letter to one of her earlier buddies. After that, we had game time. We had to thaw out a frozen T-shirt! Then we had arts and crafts. I almost fell asleep on the table since I was so tired already. During crafts I made a card with my name on it.

Next we had lunch time. I can't say it was the best meal I had but the kids seemed to love it except for the carrots. After that we went to reading class. I read about 10 pages of The Series of Unfortunate Events. Then we had cake! The navy had to go last since our kids were the loudest! Lastly we went to home base where they played on the computer and slowly left one by one.

These kids opened my eyes how they live in poverty but yet they still enjoy everything.

- Nicole, blogger from University Church of Christ (Conway, AK)
- Photo of Nicole, Semierria and Kaliya in their natural state