Earning Trust

It's day 1 of our time here at Fortress. As a thirty-two year old wife and mom of 3 school-aged kids, you would think things would come naturally to me around here. Not so much. The knots in my stomach take me back to those first days of school when I had no one to sit by at lunch or play tag with at recess.

Then I remember, this week is not about me. Let's stick to the task at hand.

I was asked to help out with the kids in the Marines group. My buddies for the week are Daisy, Alyssa, Kya, and Lazayvieya. I'll be honest, I was really expecting them to love me instantly. I mean, I'm a lot of fun and I was eager to get to know them. Plus, kids love my long, darkish blond hair for some reason. But these girls are different. They can smell fear from a mile away and I am reeking of it today!

These kids need to see my actions and not just hear my nice words. Trust is earned here.

Change my heart this week, Lord.

-Katie, blogger from Little Rock