Touching Lives With Love

I've been on many different mission trips over the past few years, one even in a different country, but none of them can compare to what I've seen being here at Fortress. The past 3 days spent here at Fortress have been incredible, each and everyone of these kids have been blessed with so many talents and I feel blessed when I get to witness the joy they have in their eyes when they are doing those things. Whether it's math, reading, drumming on the table or writing a poem, they each have a special gift.

I've loved getting to go to each class with them every day and seeing them use the gifts God has blessed them with. Today, in particular when I was sitting in reading class with them I was amazed at the length of the book they were reading, it showed not only their love for reading but the opportunities and supplies Fortress has given them. Each day so far has been filled with so much fun, but with that comes even harder good-byes.

Today, one of the kids I've been blessed to work with kept coming back up to say "bye," you could see in his eyes he didn't want to go. It hurts you to see that but it is also a feeling of joy because you know you are touching these kids' lives. We only get to be a small part of what Fortress does, but there is no doubt that every kids' hopes and dreams will be encouraged, their talents will grow and the love of Christ will be poured onto them by everyone that walks through these doors.

- Sarah, blogger from Glenwood Church of Christ

Photo of Sarah with Yasmeen and Johnisha