Off to a Good Start

Today, Monday, was our first day with the kids. Usuallly when you meet your kids for the first time, its super awkward. There's a lot of "umm, so what's your favorite color..?" However, my mentee Brenshay is what one might call a "wild child." She came running in, all smiles, saying hi to all her friends. I recognized her from the year before and called her over. As soon as she sat down, she was talking 90 to nothing. It was really cool. All day long I followed my firework around, reading, doing math worksheets and playing games. We had a ton of fun hanging out getting to know each other and just all around enjoying Fortress. When she left, I was exhausted. I'm excited that I get to see her tomorrow to have more fun.

- By Kory Jones, Decatur Church of Christ Youth Group blogger