Meet our Summer Jam 2011 Interns!

Michelle Cordier
Texas Christian University- Senior- Early Childhood Education

Michelle fell in love with Fortress when she saw how suited the unique building was for child development. She attends TCU and had already started mentoring kids at Fortress during the school year. Michelle loves talking and nothing bores her. She considers herself to be an extrovert and at 4’11 says her height is what makes her unique.

Chris Hart
Texas A&M- Junior- Mechanical Engineering

Chris spends a lot of his time working with youth groups and rediscovered his faith in college through bible study. Chris believes “God definitely pushed me towards Fortress,” because he already had experience tutoring kids in College Station where he attends school. Chris is a thinker and likes planning to make sure he understands everything.

Zach King
Vanderbilt- Sophomore- Religious Studies

A Tennessee native, Zach came to Fort Worth to intern for Fortress for the summer. Zach said he’s been blessed with the gift of patience and can remain level headed in any situation. He’s passionate about people, music, and reading. Zach is a fan of routine and says he’s a thinker and feeler. Zach feels blessed to attend Vanderbilt University, which he says is his favorite place.

Claudia Gonzalez
Texas Christian University- Senior- Psychology

Claudia majors in Psychology and says her ability to empathize with people is her spiritual gift. Growing up, Claudia was the shyer twin but has grown out of her shell since she came to TCU. Claudia spends a lot of her time involved with the Catholic Community at school and was co-director of the retreat Awakening last fall. She is excited about what God has planned for her after she graduates.

Cathy Pham
Texas Christian University- Senior- Broadcast Journalism

Cathy believes God has brought her to fortress for a reason other than interning in communications this summer. A kid at heart, she loves laughing, spending time outdoors, and enjoys playing with kids. She wants to become a better writer over the summer and wants to make lasting friendships with everyone at Fortress.

Payton Giacomarro
Abilene Christian University- Junior- Youth and Family Ministry

Payton said he had the busiest day of his life when he interviewed for a handful of churches and Fortress all on the same day. Payton decided this summer was his chance to do anything he wanted before he had to commit to his college’s summer requirements so he decided to join Fortress. Payton has been known to be quite the prankster along with Chris and loves interacting with people.

Sasha Boudreaux
St. Mary’s University- Senior- Exercise and Sports Science

Sasha was the last intern to join Fortress and is excited about what is in store for her this summer. Sasha says she likes to stay busy during the school year and you will rarely find her in her dorm room. Sasha is involved in a sorority at school and loves spending time with her sorority sisters and being social. Born and raised in Fort Worth, the city is her home and she is glad to be back for the summer.

Sarah Jones
University of North Texas- Alumnae- Sociology

As a recent graduate, Sarah says she is still discovering herself but feels like she is meant for ministry work. Sarah was a drum major in high school and considers herself to be a dreamer. She excels in small group settings and even though she said she might seem quiet on the outside, she loves making friends.