Love, the Greatest of All Things

Every year at my school, I go to inner-city St. Louis and do something like what we're doing here at Fortress. The only difference is that we have about twenty kids at a time and we actually go to their school.

What I like about Fortress is that there is 1 mentor for 3 or 4 kids and as the week goes on the relationship between them gets stronger. Something that I've noticed is that the kids really enjoy reading out of the Bible. I was so surprised when I heard how enthusiastic my girls were to read. I think that this program is so fantastic for these kids not only because they get somewhere to stay during the day, but they also get to witness God's love through the interns and the staff who work here. The kids get shown that people actually do love them and they get taught that they are worth something. Keep up the good work at Fortress!

- Hailey, blogger from Glenwood Church of Christ (Tyler, Texas)

Photo of Hailey and Unique