Leaders of Tomorrow

The first thing I noticed about these precious kids is how full of energy and excited they are. They always want to hold our hands or cling to our waists. We did little fifteen minute blocks of math, reading, games and crafts. It's great to see these kids thinking and calculating. Their brains are staying fresh and active for when school starts again. It's like a little boost for them to get up to speed in school. One of my buddies is a little ball of fire and energy. She's an absolute spazz but I love her so much. She's so smart and quick to respond and she's hilarious. My two other kids are as sweet as can be. They hardly say anything but they're always reaching out for my hand. My last buddy, Lonnie, is new to the program just like me. He keeps to himself mostly, but when he does talk, it's usually something hilarious. He reminds me so much of my little brother. These kids are the future of this place. They will be leaders in a few years. Fortress is shedding some light onto their beautiful skin. Hopefully they will soak it up and let it spread to their core to make a home there. Jesus is at work in this place.

- Raenne, blogger from Westside Church of Christ